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Bath Time Went Well

In yesterday's post, I mentioned how nervous I was about giving my daughter her first bath since she had tubes put in her ears. Well, everything went fine. Even beyond the ear plugs, I took precautions. Instead of using a cup to pour water over her head to wet and rinse her hair, I just wrung out the washcloth over her hair slowly, using my other hand to guide where the water went. If any readers have any additional tips for keeping the water out of her ears, I'll welcome them. Feel free to post them in the comment section.

On a Related Note

For about two weeks before our daughter got the tubes, my husband and I kept seeing her swat her ears. Since she got the tubes, though, she has not done it once that we've seen. I really think the tubes make her a lot more comfortable.

Why I Don't Like Walmart Brand Baby Wipes in Tubs

I've bought Parents Choice wipes before, but that time, I had those soft packs. The last time I bought baby wipes, though, I bought a tub of Parents Choice, and those things are a pain. When I need one wipe (emphasis on the word "one"), I cannot get just one. They are so strongly connected together that I've pulled as many as four out of the tub at once. It's just very, very wasteful.

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