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Finding solutions for mom and dad's problems

I love how helpful children can be.

One recent evening while we were in our car, I complained to my husband that I haven’t accomplished all I’ hoped I would by this point in the year. By now, I had hoped to put the finishing touches on our master bathroom, which had been repainted. I wanted to get ahead with my writing projects, and I wanted to start volunteering somewhere in the community. I’ve done none of that, and I have only myself to blame, I told him. I haven’t been as disciplined as I should be.

My daughter, listening in the back seat of the car, said, “Hey, Mom, I could make you a chart that you can look at to see what you need to get done every day.”

Isn’t that sweet?

That’s not the first time she’s offered a solution for me. A few months ago, she overheard me telling my husband that I wanted a way to keep track of my daily tasks at work so I could make sure I do them all. A few days later, she gave me a “notebook” she’d made so I could “check off stuff at work.” She even t…

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