Made By Hand

For the 12 years or so I've known my sister-in-law, I've been impressed again and again by her creativity as well as her energy for making things. She started out sewing and knitting her own clothes and has branched out quite a bit since then.

When she found out my husband and I were having a baby (but not finding out the gender), she made us some unisex baby clothes, including this cute set here, as well as some baby quilts, bibs, burp cloths and a diaper bag that has a lining that can be wiped clean.

I love that we have items so unique for our daughter to wear, and that it's all very durable. It's not likely my husband and I will have another child given our ages, but if we did, we'd already have a stash of newborn clothing.

The downside, though, is that knowing how much time my sister-in-law spent making these adorable items for her little niece, I feel a little sad when my daughter outgrows them.

P.S. for readers interested on seeing more of my sister-in-law's work -- which is not limited to baby stuff: She sells quilts, blankets, shopping totes, hats and more at knottygnome crafts.

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