From "Bow" to "Mickey Mouse"

I don't give my daughter enough credit.

My daughter loves "The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse." When she first started watching it, she would say she wanted to watch "Bow." (rhymes with "how")

So, whenever I would need to keep her occupied but within view, such as when the dishes started piling up, I would ask, "Do you want to watch 'Bow'?"

Every time, she would stare at me with a furrow in her brow as if puzzled. So I'd repeat, this time saying it correctly. Then, she'd understand.

That tells me that every time I said, "Bow," thinking that she'd better understand, I was being dense. Just because she said it that way doesn't mean that's what she understood the words to be. After five or six times getting the "What the heck is 'Bow'" look from her, I learned to just say "Mickey Mouse" from the get-go.

Now, she says, "Mickey Mouse" perfectly, though a little slower than an adult would. I think that's because she's trying not to rush so she can get it right -- then maybe Mommy will know how to say it right, too.

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