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Fit to be tied

With my dad's guidance, I learned to tie my shoes at age 4. I remember sitting on the kitchen floor, determined to get it because Dad had promised me I'd get a sucker once I got it right. I don't remember how many tries it took or how long I sat on that floor, but I got the sucker that day.

My husband's shoe-tying experience was vastly different. As each child in his family reached shoe-tying age, he or she was sent to spend a week with Nancy, my husband's aunt on his mother's side, who apparently had a knack for helping children of kindergarten age to learn.
Until recently, my husband and I probably haven't felt as compelled to teach our daughter to tie her shoes as our parents must've felt to teach us. We have one child, but both he and I have younger siblings. I imagine our parents considered teaching the older kids to tie their own shoes gave them one less thing to have to deal with. And then there is the magic that is Velcro, which didn't exis…

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