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For the love of cheese

In early September, my daughter started complaining off and on that her stomach hurt. The tummy aches would last only seconds, and didn't occur daily. She had her yearly checkup coming up, so I decided to wait until her appointment. Either the tummy aches would go away before then or I'd see if the doctor had insights into what might be causing it and what we could do about it.

Well, the tummy aches kept occurring, so after my daughter's pediatrician ran through all of the regular checks, I asked if I should be concerned about the stomach issue.

The doctor recommended that we pay attention to when the bellyaches occur. For instance, are they more likely when our daughter might be nervous about school? Does she complain of it more at a particular time of day? Is she maybe eating too much dairy? Is she getting enough veggies?

It was the last two suggestions that most got my attention. Getting my daughter to eat vegetables has long been a struggle, and while she by no means …

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