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Searching for the right words

My daughter's teacher gives a word search puzzle for homework every Wednesday, and while my little first-grader can breeze through the rest of her homework, word searches always leave her stumped.

"Can you help me?" she'll inevitably asks every time.
And I do help, because when I don't, a single puzzle can take her more than an hour to complete. I tell her the word is on the left side or on the right side, that it's near the top or somewhere in the middle. But I always feel a little guilty. Is that doing too much?
Back when I was a kid, I enjoyed word searches and other puzzles, but I think I was in at least third grade before I ever saw one. I can see how they'd be tough for a first-grader, and my daughter dreads them. (She says one of her classmates breezes through them.)
My sister recommended I get a book full of word searches for kids from Dollar Tree to help her get some practice. That's what my sister did with her children, and it really helped…

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