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Room for improvement

When my daughter was 2, my husband and I hauled all of the furniture out of what had been his home office and moved it into the smallest of the three bedrooms in our home. My home office, which had been in the smaller room, moved into the living room.
And then I started painting his former office a light shade of yellow. I bought wall stickers featuring Minnie Mouse and pink flowers, which my daughter and I posted along two walls.
My husband moved in a dresser, her toy box, a book case, a toy kitchen, and just like that, my daughter had her own room.
It's become more cramped over the last four years as she's collected more books and toys and we switched out her toddler bed for a twin, but for the most part, the furniture in her room has remained where my husband and I first put it.
Until about a month ago.
It began with her pulling down all of the Minnie Mouse wall stickers. She said she doesn't like Minnie Mouse anymore. Apparently, Minnie Mouse is for toddlers only, not…

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