I love going to school basketball games. It started when my oldest nephew began playing. Up until then, I thought he was a shy, keep to himself kind of kid. I went to his first game when he was in the third grade expecting to see him on the bench most of the game.

That wasn't the case, though. On the basketball court, the kid has confidence. He knows what his job is and he gets it done. All through grade school, he was a starter, as were a few of his younger brothers, too. The oldest is now in high school, nearing graduation, which makes me feel a little sad, both that the kids are all getting older and that the number of times I can watch him play are now numbered.

Perhaps that's why I bought my daughter a mini basketball goal. I'd love to be able to sit in the stands and cheer her on as well some day. Of course, she's free to choose whatever activities that pique her interest when she gets older, and I hope that she never feels as if I'm pushing her to play.

Right now as I type this, she's in her bedroom with her dad shooting hoops on her little goal. I'm aching to go watch her having fun, but alas, I have work to get done.

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