Becoming Friends?

My daughter has a cousin who is 5 1/2 months older than she is. Because of my age, I've kind of hoped my daughter and her little cousin would become good friends because it's not likely that either of them will ever have a sibling.

Every month or so, my brother and I would get the girls together, only to see them show absolutely no interest in each other. They might get possessive over a toy, but other than that, they each acted as if they were the only child in the room.

Last Saturday, I started to see a shift. We were all at a basketball game in which my other brother's two sons were playing. My daughter seemed very curious about her cousin at first. She kept looking at her and walking toward her. At that point, my niece was still feeling a little shy, but once she warmed up, she took an interest in my daughter. She would come up to her and try to take her hand. By then, my daughter was tired and no longer interested, but it was still fun to see them show interest in playing together.

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