Finally -- Meat She'll Eat

A few months ago, my daughter's iron level was a little low, and her doctor recommended that, among other foods, we make sure she gets some meat in her diet.

That's not been easy. I've tried to feed her ground beef, roast beef, turkey, ham and chicken, prepared either in toddler foods or in my own cooking, and with the exception of spaghetti sauce and an enchilada casserole I make -- both of which have only scant amounts of ground beef per serving -- I haven't been able to get her to eat any meats.

On Halloween, I wanted to get my daughter dressed early enough to take her first to my parents' house so that they could see her in her costume before the festivities began. I didn't get out of the house as early as I wanted, so I swung into a fast food restaurant and got her a kids meal for dinner.

For the first time, she had chicken nuggets. It took her a long time to eat each one, but I could tell she really liked them. In every photo I took of her in her bumble bee costume in my parents' front yard, she's clutching a nugget in her left hand and has a smile on her face.

Too bad I can't get her to eat chicken that hasn't been processed and fried.

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