The "Who Does She Look Like" Debate

On the day my daughter was born, there wasn't a doubt in my mind: She looked like her dad, right down to the bald patches on the sides of her head.

I can even go back farther than that. I had one of those 4D ultrasounds when I was about 26 weeks pregnant, and I could see it then in our baby's expressions. Even the ultrasound technician said, "Hmmm, who does Baby look most like? That would be Dad!"

Until she was about 3 months old, I could still see it. After that, not so much. I'm not sure whether her looks have changed that much or if I've just gotten used to her face being, well, her face.

Every now and then, though, she wrinkle'll her nose or look quizzically at something in a way that reminds me of a photo of me when I was a baby. Or perhaps even my older sister. The moment is only fleeting, lasting maybe two seconds and then she snaps right back into looking like herself.

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