I Need a New Hiding Place

The more mobile my little girl gets, the more I realize I have to start putting things, such as my beadwork (see bead blog here), in places that are at least three feet off the ground or find a dark unused corner of our house for it. My little girl has ripped a page out of one of my cookbooks, has dumped my purse and my makeup case, and has nearly toppled my bead table several times.

Not all that long ago, the bead table was safe in our entryway. It didn't make the most attractive thing for our guests to see when they stopped by for a visit, but it was hidden from her view, and out of sight, to a baby, quite often means out of mind.

Not anymore, though. She's become curious about what's beyond the living room.

Unless I want to start putting all my work away between beadworking sessions, I might need to clear out a space in the garage.

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