Welcome to the club ...

My daughter sat at her desk Sunday evening working on what I assumed was another Father's Day gift. Then she snuck up behind me, leaned in and whispered, "How do you spell 'club'?"

I told her how, then she walked to her chair muttering to herself, "C-L-U-B. C-L-U-B. C-L-U-B." She transferred the letters onto a sheet of paper, then showed me what she'd been working on.

It was not a Father's Day gift as I expected; it was a sign sporting the words, "Book Club."

My daughter's "Book Club" sign.

She asked for Scotch tape, then disappeared around the corner to secure it on her bedroom door.

Then she handed me a sticky note and asked me to write "Book Club" and "Cathy" (my first name) on it. So I did.

"Now, you're enrolled in the book club," she said. Meetings would be in her room, with the time to be determined.

That she had the idea to create a book club makes me smile. Neither my husband nor I belong to a book club, or any club for that matter, but I think I know how she got the idea. A few weeks ago, I registered her for the summer reading program at our local library. I think Book Club is her own little at-home version of the library's program.

Her desire to have a club also took me back to my own girlhood, when my friends and I created clubs for everything from hand-clapping games to ghost hunting, though no club ever lasted more than one meeting. Our interests were just that fleeting.

On Monday, my daughter and I had the first book club meeting, reading three books completely and starting a fourth. I did most of the reading, but I made sure she read any words I know she knows or that I know she can sound out. We added those books to her list for the library program, getting her to her first goal. Then we talked about what we'd read during the next meeting, though once again, the time for the next club gathering was TBD.

I hope her interest in Book Club lasts until the next meeting and beyond. I hope it last all summer. Or for all of her childhood, even.

It's just fun for me to see her so eager to read.

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