A job worth doing is worth doing well, right?

One thing I try to stress to my daughter is that it's better to get her schoolwork done right than to get it done fast.

It's something I tell her at least once a week, because that's how often I see evidence that she's rushed through it.

For instance, if her assignment has several pictures and she's supposed to color only the ones that begin with the letter "B," she'll color across the entire picture several times in a single color. If two pictures that are side-by-side start with the letter "B," she doesn't pick up the crayon between pictures, just swipes the crayon across both.

Of course, her coloring habits won't affect her future, but it frustrates me because I know she can do better. And it's not just coloring work. On other assignments, she might miss answering a few questions or leave an entire side of a worksheet blank.

I don't believe the work is too hard for her. I think she just wants to finish in a hurry so that she can play. Her teacher confirmed as much during our parent-teacher conference, saying that once my daughter finishes an assignment, she's out of her seat and over at the next table playing with one of her friends.

It's something her dad and I have some control over when she's doing her homework, but in class, of course, we can't be there to enforce good work habits. So what do we say besides tell her again and again, "It's better to get your work done right than to get it done fast"?

Has any other moms or dads had this issue? If so, how did you handle it? I don't want this to continue as she goes through school.

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