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I haven't blogged in a while, but apparently I'm not the only one. The first thing I did when I logged in today was look up the blogs I follow.

What did I find? All but one hasn't updated in the last year. (Total disclosure: I follow only five blogs, but that's still an 80 percent decline.)

So that is what's going on with the blogs I've connected with in the past. Now, I figure it's time to start finding some new blogs and expand my horizons.

I'm entering a new phase of motherhood. My daughter just finished pre-K and will be entering the big time this fall: kindergarten. That's required education. A structured learning environment won't be optional again until 2029 when she graduates. (Side note: I will be just months from turning 59 then. Yikes!)

So what sorts of blogs will interest me in the coming years? I imagine that will change over time. First up: I'll be looking for lunchbox nutrition and ways to ensure my daughter keeps up with the kindergarten curriculum, and I'm open to suggestions (please leave them in the comments section) on the best blogs or blog posts that focus on these topics.

And if I stumble across any, I'll also share them here.

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