Live, before a stuffed studio audience

Several stuffed animals lined the kitchen table as my daughter was playing with Play-Doh last weekend.

"I'm making a video," she said, "and they all came to watch." I had to smile, because I know where she got the idea — Youtube.

After I put the Youtube Kids app on my phone, my daughter quickly learned to navigate to things that interest her. One of her favorites was on a channel she called "The Play-Doh Show," officially known as Disney Cars Toy Club, or DCTC.

On the channel, adults play with toys, giving toy reviews and opening "Play-Doh surprise eggs," which is Play-Doh shaped into an egg with a toy or several toys hidden inside. From what I understand, one person creates the egg and another opens it to get the surprise. Some eggs are just single-color, others are modeled after characters such as the Minions from "Despicable Me."

After seeing her watch people opening up the eggs time and time again, I did some research on the channel and found that it and others like it are quite popular with young children. (My mother, who baby-sits my 2-year-old niece, said my niece also likes to watch DCTC and channels similar to it.)

So there she was, pretending to make her own version of "The Play-Doh Show" with a lamb, Wonder Woman, Marshal from "Paw Patrol," another dog, a baby doll, two "My Little Pony" ponies and a Build-a-Bear bear named Holly.

She made no surprise eggs. Instead, she "baked" a cinnamon roll and other treats, loaded them up onto a toy plate and served it to me. She did this all in silence, except for when she brought me a plateful of Play-Doh goodies, so if it were real, it would've been a rather soundless video. But I still admired her imagination.

Before I could get a picture, she packed up the studio audience and took them back to her room. The next time I catch her doing, though, I think I may let her do a video for real. It would definitely be a treasure to keep.

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