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My daughter recently turned 3, and she still has yet to do No. 2 on the potty.

She has peeing in the potty down. However, when it comes to poop, well, she's kind of stubborn about it.

My husband and I have both caught her making that face young children make when they're trying to poop in their diaper/pull-ups, and, when we've caught her in time, we've put her on the potty, where she will sit for as long as 30 minutes, not getting her business done.

So, I've done some web searching looking to see if this is abnormal. According to other moms on, it's not that uncommon at all. One site user says, "Relax. Your child is not going to start school pooping in his/her pants."

And you know what? I did relax, some anyway, because what I learned was that other mothers have the same struggle, and in the end, their children eventually got it.

That's one of the things I like about the site: Lots of more experienced mothers still stop by the site to contribute, sharing their own stories and offering solutions for frustrated parents.

For new moms and not so new moms who have questions or want to compare notes, the site can be a good resource on everything from ways to boost your child's veggie intake to stopping a nose-picking habit. (Of course, on health- and development topics, you should consult your child's pediatrician.)

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