"Terrible Twos" A Misnomer

As parenting goes, I didn't find the "twos" to be all that terrible. In fact, they were mostly calm with only a handful of tempter tantrums mixed in.

Age 3, now, well, that's where it all began in our house. In the six weeks since my daughter's third birthday, I've heard, "I don't like you anymore," at a high-pitched whiny ear-drum-piercing cry more times that I ever did when she was 2.

She says it when she's told, "No, you may not have a snack," or, "Leave the (pillow, cup of water, remote, blinds, potty, etc.) alone," or, "Time for night-night," or, "Time to go potty," or "Pick up your toys," or, "Be nice to your baby cousin," or a million other things. Everything feels like a struggle these days. 

One of my friends went through a rough period with her son when he was just a little older than my daughter is right now. She said one thing that really helped her was watching, "The Nanny." I watched a few episodes back when my daughter was a newborn, but I just didn't retain anything as well as I probably should've.

I think it's time to revisit the show before I pull all of my hair out.

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