"Supernanny" Helped

I've had a rather rough week, which pushed blogging way down on my to-do list. Hopefully, things go better from now on.

One of the problems my little family has had is that my daughter has been sick. I spent all night Sunday awake because I wanted to catch her before she threw up all over the bed, not to mention that she wanted to be held and seemed to know whenever I tried to put her down.

To pass the time over that long, I watched a few episodes of "Supernanny" via our Roku. One of the parenting tips I learned helped me and my husband get some better sleep last night. The episodes I saw all featured children who had trouble going to bed and staying in bed. In each case, the "Supernanny" instructed the parents to first tell and walk the children back to bed, then afterward to just take them by the hand and lead them back. Eventually, they all stayed in bed. The children in the show were all older than my daughter, who still sleeps in a crib, but I figured the practice was still the same.

Last night, as usual, our daughter woke up. And, as usual, I put her in our bed so she'd go back to sleep. After about an hour or so of her sleeping restlessly, kicking both my husband and I, I put her back in her crib. To my surprise, she stayed asleep. When she did wake up again, I decided to try coaxing her into lying back down. So, rather than putting her back in bed with us, I just said, "Sweetie, lie back down and go night night." She cried for a little bit, but nowhere near as long as I thought she would. After about five minutes, she was sleeping again.

When she awoke for the third time, I did the same thing. When I got up this morning, she was sleeping peacefully still in her own bed. If I had only known it would be this easy. And perhaps, if we nip it in the bud now, we can avoid some of the bedtime issues I saw on "Supernanny."

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