Making Sentences

Over the past couple of weeks, my daughter has stunned me more than once because she's made a two-word sentence.

The first time was when I went to pick her up from day care. When she saw me, she came running to me, leaning forward and arms swinging all the way. I kept envisioning her falling face down on the floor. I kept telling her, "Oh, be careful!"

She made it to me without falling. I scooped her up and said, "You scared mama!" She made a noise that sounded remarkably like, "I sorry."

The next time, she had just finished a cup of milk. "I done," she told me, holding the cup out to me.

Both times, I was floored. Until then, the majority of the things she had said seemed to be either just repeating what someone else said or just a single word to say what she wants, for instance, "jah-jah" when she wants her jacket.

I guess I expected more of a transition between her one-word statements to sentences containing subjects and verbs, but then, I don't know what a transition between the two would be.

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