Kitchen Connections

My husband and I bought our daughter a kitchen we found at Aldi. She has played with one before, at her cousin's house, and really enjoyed it, so when I found one at Aldi for less than $30, I grabbed it right away.

She loves it, but I don't think she understands that it's a scaled down version of the one I use. She puts cups in the oven and stores the play silverware in the microwave. I've tried to show her by pretending to stir up some food in one of the play mixing bowls, but she still continues to play as if it's just one big storage center. It makes me smile to see what she does.

Her favorite feature? The little play cellphone that comes with it. She pretends to talk on it constantly and will even come up and put it against my ear as if to say, "It's for you, Mommy."

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