Day Care Tales

One of my greatest joys as a working mom is hearing about how my daughter's day goes when she's at day care. It's not often that the people on duty when I pick my daughter up will have a story for me, but I like when they do. This is how I learned about the first time my daughter sat up by herself. I was sad I missed it, but still glad to know when it happened.

When I went to pick my daughter up from day care yesterday, I learned something else about my daughter. She has a friend! Every now and then, I'll ask the day care workers if she plays with any of the other kids, and up until now, I've heard only that she plays with the day care staff or by herself. But now, she's got a little friend -- a 5-year-old girl who's not much taller than my daughter. Apparently, they like to run.

My girl's growing up.

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