The Dangers of Short Naps

On Monday afternoon, my daughter didn't nap for very long. My husband and I have no one to blame but ourselves for that; we were talking a little too loudly and too close to her crib. She awoke after about 20 minutes, a rather short nap for her.

Usually, she'll nap again about 7:30 p.m., but that day, she didn't. She never seemed to get tired enough to sleep, and once it got to be 9 p.m., we thought a nap might result in a restless night for all three of us.

But along about 10 p.m., the sleepies started to get her. One minute she was standing upright, and in the next, she yawned and suddenly lost her balance, fell backward and thunked her head on the coffee table on the way down. I scooped her up immediately and tried to comfort her while my husband checked for signs she might need a doctor. Thankfully, she had no bumps or bruises, and within less than a minute, her crying stopped.

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