Stuck in My Head

Whether its when she's watching her favorite show, "Blue's Clues" via Netflix, or when she's playing with one of her musical toys, I love watching my little girl dance.

The downside is that those songs haunt me for hours -- no, not hours -- days afterward.

Up until the last couple of days, a segment of a song from an episode of "Blue's Clues" had been following me around for a little more than a week. In the episode, Steve and Blue were exploring environments, and Mother Nature was writing a song about a few. The part stuck in my head was, "The grasslands are flat, but hold on to your hat, 'cuz it's windy."

On Monday, though, my daughter got a new musical toy, a Vtech jewelry box that plays just a couple of songs, one of which is sung to the tune of "Pop, Goes the Weasel." That's the song that got me. The part stuck in my head is just four little words: "Oooo, you're so pretty!"

I've tried to fight it by listening to the radio, thinking maybe I can supplant it with something else. It works, but never for long.

"Oooo, you're so pretty."

See? There it goes again.

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