Company's Coming; Hide Your Tricks

Like most moms, I'm proud of my baby, and I like to show off what she has learned so far.

In the presence of just me and my husband, my daughter will respond to the question, "Where's your hair?" by reaching up and pulling a few strands away from her head. Add a few other bodies to the room, and she will instead give me a wide-eyed look as if to say, "I have no clue what you're talking about, Mommy. What's hair?"

On Monday, her aunt, uncle and cousin stopped by to bring her a belated birthday present, and I tried to show them everything she does:

  • "Nicole, where's Max?" -- Usually, she answers this question by pointing out the back door and saying, "Ack." On Monday, I got the wide eyes.
  • "Patty-cake, patty-cake" -- Typically, just starting the nursery rhyme will get her clapping. On Monday, she just stuck her hand in her mouth.
  • "Tell them 'bye,' Sweetie." -- She didn't wave like she normally does. She did, however, wave when her cousin tried to take off out the door with one of her toys.

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