Size Wise

I was going through my daughter's dresser earlier this week looking for a pair of shorts or pants for her when I came across some shorts she has never worn because they looked so huge. I wondered if they might be close to her size now, so I peaked at the tag and was very surprised to find they were supposed to fit a newborn. I didn't bother to try them on my daughter because the waist still looks incredibly big for her now.

That's the way it goes with her pants, though. Until she reached about 8 or 9 months old, I could pick out a top sized for her age and it would fit, but the pants were always too wide at the waist. Now that she's 11 months old, her shirt size is larger than what's sized for her age. I put her in tops sized for 18-month-olds all the time, and they fit her fine. It gives her a little room to grow but it doesn't look huge on her. However, her little fanny STILL cannot hold up pants sized for a 12-month-old.

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