Still Working on the Room

Because my husband and I were both in our 40s before our daughter came along, our small, three-bedroom house is full of things we've each accumulated over four decades. When we first moved in, we decided we'd each have our own home office in the two spare bedrooms. Mine was full of beading and craft supplies, books and my home computer, while my husband's was spilling over with comic books, action figures and his collection of books.

Since about my fifth month of pregnancy, we've been slowly paring down our stuff to give our girl her own room. For now, she sleeps in our bedroom. I've pared down enough that my home office out is now a corner of our the living room, with the exception of my beading supplies, which we'll eventually put in our bedroom. He's decided to sell at least half of his comics, which he's working on through eBay, and he's already gotten rid of a lot of action figures.

The plan is that he'll move into my old office and our daughter will get his old office. (It would be easier to move her into my old office, but, it's cold in there in the winter time. I'm talking wear-a-coat cold, which is fine for my furnace of a husband, but not for a little girl who wiggles around enough in her sleep that she's likely to spend as much time out of the covers as under them.)

We're still working on it. I'd like to paint both rooms before we start putting furniture in them. Hoping to finally have this done by summer, and maybe she can be in her own bedroom by the time she turns 1 year old. I sure will miss being able to look over at her in her crib in the middle of the night, though.

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