Under a "spell"

(Jared Davidson/FreeRangeStock.com)

Me: Go get your jammies on.
My daughter: Is it time for b-e-d?
Me: Yeah, but you can finish watching your show first.
My daughter: Thank you, M-o-m-m-y.

That's how roughly half of the conversations I have had with my daughter over the past couple of weeks have gone, with the occasional word being spelled instead of said.

At first, I was pleased, thinking, "Hey, she's finally taking an interest in reading!"

But then it dawned on me: She's not trying to understand spelling so she can read; she's doing it so she can crack the code! You know ... the we-don't-want-the-kids-to-know-what-we're-talking-about-so-we'll-just-spell-it-out code.

It's just a matter of time before I say to her dad, "Do you want to go for i-c-e-c-r-e-am?" and she answers, "YES!"

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