That first sleepover at someone else's house

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Since the day our daughter was born, she has never slept away from her dad and me. She has spent the night away from one of us on occasion, but never both, never at the same time.

This week, that will likely change.

Her daycare will be closed Friday, but my husband and I both have to work. So, the plan is that when we meet my husband's dad and stepmom on Thanksgiving Day, we'll leave our daughter with them, and she'll spend night at their house on Thursday and Friday.

When we came up with this idea, we didn't want to force her to go. So we asked her what she wants to do. She said she's willing to "try it." She's anxious. I know because she talked to one of her daycare teachers about it.

"Miss Emily said she used to spend the night at her grandma's house all the time when she was little like me," my daughter said one day when I picked her up. "She said it was fun."

Now, my daughter seems to be looking forward to going. I'm happy she is, but it's not so easy for me.

I feel a little guilty about not being within comforting distance if she has a bad dream or wakes up scared and confused because she doesn't recognize where she is.

I'm glad she's gaining a little independence, but a small part of me hopes she'll back out at the last minute.

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