Mom blogging on the go isn't what it used to be

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Mom blogging just got a little more difficult for me.
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I'm bummed.

For a couple of years now, I've been using the Blogger app when I'm away from home and feel the urge to churn out a post here on my mom blog (or on my crafts blog).

After having issues with the app after the latest operating system update, I decided to go with what had been a tried-and-true method for remedying the problem: Delete the app and reinstall. Only when I went to put it back on my phone, I found it was no longer available. It's been discontinued. Phooey.

To be honest, the app was far from great. It wouldn't let users put in hyperlinks, and I couldn't resize photos. But it was a heck of a lot easier to type and see what you're typing as you go than using Blogger through my phone browser is.

Google, I don't know if you'll ever read this, but please bring the app back.

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