Happy Halloween

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Happy Halloween
(Photo by Paul Prawdiuk/FreeRangeStock.com)

This morning on the drive to school, my daughter proclaimed Halloween to be her favorite holiday.

I can get behind that. Any holiday that keeps me awash in Reese's Peanut Butter Cups is all right with me.

I can also get behind the fact that so many of my neighbors get into the holiday spirit these days. When I was a kid, Halloween decorations were limited to school classrooms and store windows.

This year, one neighbor has speakers set out in his yard that send out howls and creepy music to passersby. That one is my favorite. My husband, who often goes for a walk in the evening, says it can be unnerving when you walk by ... alone ... at night.

I also enjoy the cooler weather, the rustle of leaves and just seeing what all the kids are dressing up as.

In my daughter's class, I saw a witch, Olaf, a ballerina, a Ninja Turtle ... they all looked adorable, especially the little boy who greeted me in a gruff voice saying, "I'm Optimus."

How could this not be my favorite holiday, too?

Whatever your plans today, please be safe and have fun!

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