How to end the ‘birds and bees’ talk when you're not ready to have it

One of my daughter’s daycare teachers is pregnant and really, really showing. I figure she must be at least in her eighth month by now.

And naturally, my daughter has become curious.

“How did that baby get in Miss Shannon’s belly?” my daughter asked me after I picked her up one day last week.

“That,” I said, “is something we’ll talk about another day.”

“Why?” my daughter asked.

“We’ll talk about it another day,” I repeated.


“We’re just not going to talk about it now,” I said.

“Why not?” she said.

This kid really wants to know.

“Because ... ,” I stammered, “because right now, we have to decide what we’re having for dinner.”

“Ohhhh,” she said. “Can I have a grilled cheese?”

And just like that, the baby in the belly conversation fell away.

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