Children are always listening, always learning

A few days ago, my daughter told her daddy that she was "heartbroken" that her new balloon had popped. "I loved it so much," she cried.

I have no clue where she learned the word "heartbroken." Possibly, a character on one of her shows used it. Maybe a teacher at her preschool said it once or twice. Maybe even I have uttered it myself on occasion, but really, how often does the word "heartbroken" come up in conversation?

But she knew it and used it correctly, because when your balloon pops when you're 3½, it does break your heart.

Do you know how many times I have to hear a new word before I remember the word and learn its meaning well enough to use it in a sentence? I have no clue, but I'm sure it's at least a dozen times more often than my daughter could have heard the word "heartbroken."

And this is just one instance of how she's come up with a word or phrase that leaves me baffled as to how she could've learned it, and that's simply because children her age are learning so very, very fast.

And I'm so glad I've got a front-row seat to watch.

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