The Blur

I remember being pregnant, which seemed like the longest nine months of my life. I waited and waited for the first hint for an expanding tummy, the first kick, my first glimpse of my daughter. And then one day, she was finally here.

Time since has flown. One minute, she could fit within the length of my arm as I sat on the sofa. Nowadays, she could wrap around me, if she were flexible enough. I used to have to hold her up to the sink to wash her hands. Today, standing flat-footed on the floor, she could just about reach the knobs to turn the water on herself.

She's moved from one tiny milestone to the next so quickly, as children her age do, that I cannot remember whether she outgrew 2T clothing in 2013 or 2014. Or when it was that she used to say, "I don't understand you, OK?" whenever her daddy and I would tell her to pick up her toys. Or when she first became able to identify so many of her daddy's favorite superheroes.

I'd like to be able to remember all of the whens, but I'll settle for just being present for the memories in the first place.

Happy New Year, everyone.

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