Mom the Teacher

This year, my daughter is old enough to attend preschool classes at her daycare. My husband and I talked briefly about sending her, but the bottom line is, it would require her going to daycare more often than we currently send her, and we just don't have the money.

So I thought I could teach her to recognize and write the alphabet and the sound each letter makes. I bought a workbook and some bathtub letters, thinking that backing up the book work with the fun of playing with the letters would make learning easier for her.

What I've learned since our first session is that she isn't necessarily going to just pick up what I tell her on the first session. We're still going over "A" -- yep, we're on page 1 -- and she doesn't yet recognize the letter, let alone know what sound it makes. And when it comes to writing it, well, I have trouble even getting her to try to write it. 

So now I wonder: Is the problem that my expectations were too high? Is it my approach? Is she not mature enough and would our sessions be more productive in say, three or four months?

My next step is web searches on the subject. But I welcome any insight from other moms who've taken on the task as well.

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