If The Shoe Fits

My daughter turned 3 last month. I am constantly amazed at how fast she's grown.

One day in January, my daughter and my niece, who is five months older, were sitting next to each other at a basketball game when I noticed my niece's shoes were several sizes bigger than my daughter's. At that time, my daughter was comfortably wearing a size 5 and had been for a while.

I commented to my brother that I was surprised his daughter's shoes were so much bigger, given that that the two girls are pretty much the same height. He had no idea what size my niece was wearing at the time. "She's got new shoes all the time, though. I think her feet are growing pretty fast night now," he said.

Was it possible, I wondered, that in just five months my daughter's feet would be just as big?

Well, by the time March rolled around, I was buying my daughter size 6 shoes, naively thinking they would be her "summer shoes." But in April, I was back at the store buying size 7s. Surely those would set her for summer, I thought. But by mid-May, her feet were hanging off the end of those sandals, too. So I bought size 8 shoes, and even those are a little on the small side now. Therefore, when I went shopping for fall, I bought size 9s, though I hedged at getting them as I eyed the size 10s nearby.

"If her feet are growing that fast," I thought, "maybe I should save a few bucks and just skip the 9s."

So far, the 9s still fit.

On Monday, we took both girls to a splash pad, and as they ran barefoot through the sprinklers, I took note of their foot sizes. They were about even. That gives me hope that my frequent shoe-buying trips may be over for the next few months at least.

This growth spurt reminds me of when my daughter was first born and received several pairs of size 24 months socks from my mother-in-law. Those socks looked huge compared with my daughter's then tiny, tiny feet. I commented to my husband, "Ain't no way that tiny foot is going to be that big at just 24 months." He agreed.

Needless to say, my daughter outgrew the socks well before her second birthday.

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