The Alphabet

Several months ago, my daughter learned to sing her ABCs.

I know it's not an uncommon feat for a 2-year-old, but I still beamed with pride whenever I heard her sing them. "Yay!!!" I'd say, and she'd just grin from ear to ear and clap for herself.

A couple of weeks ago, though, she started abbreviating the song. I've heard her jump right from "T-U-V" to "Now I know my ABCs. Next time won't you sing with me." Sometimes, she lops off the end of the alphabet right after "E-F-G."

I don't know why she started doing that. Perhaps she thinks the song is too long. Or maybe she's so comfortable singing the ABCs that she's stopped paying attention to where she is in the song.

"You missed some," I'll tell her, but then she just pouts. I guess any reaction short of the "yay!!!" I'd given before isn't welcome.

But I still try to get her to sing it again. Maybe even sing with me, just in case she doesn't realize that she's missing some. That only deepens her pouty mood.

"I don't want to sing. Don't sing, Mom!" she'll say. (Oh, she's also stopped calling me "Mommy." Apparently, she lopped off the end of that word, too.)

I'm not really worried about her not singing the whole song, but I'm curious why she seems to have trouble doing something she could do so well just a short time ago.

Have any other parents seen this in their toddler?

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