Potty Training

I've got big plans for this coming week — I want to say goodbye to diapers.

My husband and I have been trying to potty-train our daughter for several months now. In fact, we suspect she gets it because she's done well for the women who take care of her at daycare. At home, though, it's a different story. My husband and I will set her on the potty, but when she doesn't go within five minutes, let her get up. At day care, one worker said, they've had her sit there for as long as 15 minutes before. While my husband and I want to see her potty-trained, waiting for 15 minutes for something to happen is beyond our patience.

Several months ago, I tried potty training her by putting her in underwear and plastic pants, hoping that feeling pee run down her leg would prompt her to start telling us when she would feel like she needed to go. All it did was freak her out. She would get so upset when she wet herself that I felt bad, like I was pushing her too far too soon.

However, this week, the underwear is coming back out of the drawer and we're going to give it another go. 

Fingers crossed.

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