Potty Training Adventures

My daughter has had several months of sporadic potty training, so I thought that being consistent with her for a few days might just get the job done.

She now tells us when she has to go, though we've found that for now, a mix of her telling us and us reminding her she needs to go try is best. I've made progress, too. I've stopped ignoring her when she tells me she has to go potty after I've put her to bed for the night, thinking she was just trying to stay up longer, because, as it turns out, sometimes she's not just pulling my leg.

I have more realistic expectations, though, than I had going into last week. I now know that she'll be in pull-up training pants overnight for at least a few more months. But I have a lot of confidence that before long, we'll be able to say bye-bye to the expense for good. I feel so proud of her!

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