Sick Girl

It amazes me how obvious it is when a toddler is sick.

The squeals stop, the laughing stops, even the temper tantrums stop.

Earlier this week, my little girl caught a tummy bug, and I knew it almost immediately. Because my husband's work day is just starting as mine is coming to a close, we basically just hand her off most days. And as soon as she walked into work, I could tell she had no spring in her step. Normally, she runs to see me. On that day, she was barely moving.

While my husband waited on me to finish up a couple of things, he held her on his lap. At one point I heard her little voice say, "I feel awful." Not too long afterward, she was tossing her cookies.

I didn't even know she understood "awful," let alone how to use it properly.

Later that day, she was lying on the loveseat with her eyes open but not hardly making a sound. I hadn't seen her smile all day. I had no idea I could miss it that much.

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