Ailments Galore

Lately, my daughter has been exercising her acting skills. Whenever she and I are in the car, I'll hear her tiny voice from the back seat saying, "Achoo, achoo. Mommy, I got sneezes. I need a tissue."

Keeping one hand on the steering wheel, I'll reach into the center console, pull a tissue from our travel pack and hand it back to her. 

She wipes her nose then says, "I'm done," while she waves the tissue in front of her for me to grab. 

As soon as I get the tissue back in the front seat, her "sneezes" start again. I'll let the game continue as long as traffic isn't heavy. Usually she tires of it after six rounds of "sneezes." 

She also has been faking falls. 

Right in front of my eyes, she'll sprawl out on the floor and then whine, "Mommy, I fall down."

Then she gets a hand-up and a kiss. My tolerance for this game is a lot lower. After the second "fall," all she'll get is a "Be careful."

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