A Tale From An Old New Dad: Traffic Cop

My husband wrote this week's post. Hope you enjoy!!!

Traffic Cop

Our 25-month-old daughter likes to direct traffic, especially our vehicles, at stoplights. As soon as she sees a red light ahead, she will cry out, "Red means stop; green means go!" Sometimes a red traffic signal several blocks ahead will prompt her to raise her arms, palms flat in front of her, and cry repeatedly, "Red means stop, Daddy! Red means stop!" We're not sure if she learned this at day care or from one of her favorite television programs, but she knows it quite well.

I recently went on a multi-day road trip with our daughter that took us through several major cities. At one point on the way home, we came to a green light and stopped because cross-traffic was stalled and blocking the intersection. From her car seat, my daughter tried to correct what she saw as my error. "Green means go, Daddy; green means go!" She was in a hurry to get home to see her mother, I think, and I was, too, but I explained that we couldn't go until the "idiots" blocking our way moved.

Very matter-of-factly, she said, "OK, Daddy," followed by, "Get out of our way, cars!" Her commands to the other cars continued until they did move out of the way and for the next several miles of heavy city traffic. But also, for about the next 30 minutes or so, every time traffic got a little congested in our vicinity, she would yell out a shortened command, "Outta way, cars! Outta way, cars!"

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