Those Superheroes

My husband is a comic book guy. (His blog is Steve's Comics Blog.) That's his hobby, while mine is crafts. For years, the stacks of comic books have threatened to burst out of his home office, but he's scaled back some. Some. Every now and then when he talks to me about a particular comic book, he might get my interest, but those moments are few and far between.

In the years that we were childless, he would pick up superhero-themed kids books and sock them away in hopes that one day he'd be able to pass his appreciation on to his own children, and after our daughter was born, he'd get them out and read to her. On the days when I work and he's off, he watches some superhero TV shows via Netflix with her. "She likes them," he'd tell me.

I'd smile and nod, even though I didn't believe him. She's a girl. She's going to favor crafts, right? I figured she had a passing interest in what he watches because the shows are animated, so it could be catching her attention, which he translated into his long-wished-for hobby-sharing between father and child.

On Wednesday night, I learned I was wrong. I was scanning Netflix for something to watch when she spied the icon for "Justice League."

"Superheroes!" she squealed.

"You wanna watch that?" I asked.

"Yeah," she said.

As the intro for the episode I chose played, she chattered along with high-pitched, nonstop enthusiasm about the show, though few of the words made sense to me. Every now and again, I could make out, "Those superheroes," and "Batman," but nothing else. Once the episode started, she settled down and watched it, with all of the interest my husband had described.

I've been outnumbered.

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