Getting Information

Sometimes, my daughter cries for reasons that aren't readily known to my husband or me. As far as we can tell, she hasn't been hurt, none of her toys have gotten broken, and she likely isn't hungry based on how recently she has eaten.

"What's wrong," we'll ask.

No response, just more tears.

This is the frustrating phase. When she was younger, we'd run through a drill. Is her diaper dirty? When did she last eat? Does she need to be burped? Is she tired?

Nowadays, though, we want her to tell us to get some dialog going so that we no longer have to guess.

Likewise, when I pick her up from daycare, I ask, "What did you do today?"

She doesn't answer. So I try more specific questions, each of which, without fail, she'll answer with a "yeah."

"Did you play outside?" "Did you play on the swings?" "Did you snack on crackers?" "Did you play in the street?"

Each of which, she'll answer in the affirmative.

I don't want any phase of her childhood to go too quickly, but I am looking forward to the day when she can give the information we're trying to get.

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