The Two-Year Mark

My husband and I went to see "Man of Steel," the new Superman movie starring Henry Cavill, in June, not too long after it hit theaters. Our little girl was in day care, so it was a just-the-two-of-us moment, something we haven't had a lot of since she came along.

But I'm not complaining. I spent eight long years hoping for motherhood before we found out she was on her way, and she's definitely been worth the wait.

However, as at sat there in the dark of the movie theater watching Cavill with his wavy black hair and piercing blue eyes, I found myself wanting another baby and having a strong preference for a boy. The feeling was fanned by the scenes between Cavill and Diane Lane, who played his mother, and the fact that my husband has blue eyes and my hair is black. We could totally have a son who looks like Superman, right?

I mentioned my hope to have another baby to another older mom on Twitter not too long after that. She answered she's found that the urge to have a new baby often strikes moms as their youngest nears the age of 2.

My daughter will be 2 next week. Looks like I'm right on track.

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