Navigating the Princess Aisle

My husband and I considered getting our daughter an outdoor playset for her second birthday, but because of the expense, we decided against it for this year. Maybe next. But for now, I needed a gift. So, with her birthday fast approaching, I hit the toy sections of my local stores and the local Toys R Us.

Now, I've done some toy shopping over the last several years for nieces and nephews, but for the most part, I done it all online. Their mother would tell me what they would like, I'd order it with it showing up on the front porch within the next week.

Therefore, that trip to the toy section, especially among the girls toys, was a little eye opening. When did it all become so pink? And princessy?

Even beyond dolls and princess-adorned tech devices, there were jewelry, tiaras, purses and outfits to make little girls feel like a princess all year long.

Perhaps I'm over-reacting. It is, after all, just for play. But I decided that princess stuff is not for my daughter. Whether it's historically accurate or not, "princess" in today's lingo/culture generally means "spoiled" and "pampered," two character traits I'd rather not encourage in my daughter. I'd rather foster more down-to-earth characteristics so that one day, when she's in her 80s like my grandma, she's still full of spunk and "can-do" attitude.

Right now, she's happy to play with balloons and puzzles, and that's fine by me. I bought her some ABC blocks and a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and I know she'll like them both. I don't know how I'll feel though, if she ever wants the tiara and a princess shoes.

The Chair

A few aisles from the princess dress-up stuff, I found this. It's a hair dresser's chair, but at first glance, I didn't recognize it as that. I guess it's combination of the black on the arms or something and the hot pink trim, but I thought it was a throne for an evil queen.

Or maybe I just still had royalty on my mind.

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