The Thread That Keeps Going And Going And Going ...

Just a warning to mothers-to-be out there: Your mother-in-law will drive you crazy several times over the next year (or maybe even decade).

That's just my opinion, but I base it on a thread I found on BabyCenter. The original question was from a woman fed up with her mother-in-law referring to the baby as "our" little bundle of joy. When I saw the post, I weighed in with my own frustrations, although character limits forced me to pick only one.

My friends have their mother-in-law gripes, too. One had an experience not too different from the BC post: Her mother-in-law announced at a family event that "we" were pregnant. I have a similar story myself. After my daughter was born, my MIL would tell us to take care of "my" baby and ask, "How is my baby?" when she called. (My aggravations started during pregnancy, though, when my mother-in-law told me she was going to move in with us so she could baby-sit.)

A week or so after I responded to the thread, BabyCenter sent me a notice that someone else had joined in the conversation. I went to see what their experience was, and for the first time, I noticed that the original post was made in March 2001 and that more than 600 people had responded by then. Every month, I get at least one or two notices from BC announcing new additions, and as of this writing, that one post has spawned roughly 700 "I hear ya's" from commiserating moms. (There are a few posters who say they have a wonderful relationship with their MIL, though those are few and far between.)

What's more, it's not the only "my mother-in-law is driving me crazy" themed post on the site. There are literally hundreds, although not all have that many responses, and some have none at all.

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