The Other Thing I Learned

In my last full post, I mentioned a forum I had stumbled across in which one thread was focused on older moms.

A comment by one of the mothers gave me pause; she said that one issue she's had is feeling ostracized by the other, younger moms at her child's school.

The original post was a few years old, otherwise I might've asked just how bad that was. I don't need to be popular among the moms once my little girl starts school, but I want the mothers to feel comfortable with me and me with them.

I know no one else who has become a mom past age 40, although my doctor told me on my last visit that one of her other patients is a 44-year-old mom-to-be. I have no clue who the woman is or where she lives, but I'd like to get to know her, just so I can know someone else like me.

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