Not Worth the Hassle

Several months ago, I went on a quest to find an InnoTab2 Baby for my daughter.

I went to Walmart's website and found one for $89, put it in my online cart, then continued browsing to see if there was anything else I wanted. Suddenly, I got a message that the toy was no longer available. Apparently, just because an item is in your cart doesn't mean it can't be bought out from under you.

I checked to see if the toy was in stock in my local store. The website said no.

So I turned to eBay. I couldn't believe how many sellers priced the toys at $50 to $75 above Walmart. I did find an already-opened one for which the opening bid was still within my price range. I put in the max bid that I was willing to pay for a used toy, and to my delight, I was top bidder. I relaxed, feeling confident that when the auction ended an hour later, the toy would be mine. However, a mere 10 minutes after I put in my bid, I got a email from eBay saying the seller delisted the toy.

Then, I became rather upset. I didn't want to pay what other eBay sellers were charging.

My wonderful husband did a little research for me and learned that cannot accurately tell customers whether merchandise is in store. A few other customers said that although the website had said the toy wasn't available at their local store, they went to the store anyway and found one.

So, my husband and I jumped in the car, went to Walmart and found the one above. I was very happy.

But then we opened it, and my happy went away. It's slow to boot up, which I can live with. But add to that a touch screen that registers what we're trying to tell it to do roughly one out of eight times, and you've got some irritated toddlers, mommies and daddies.

Perhaps I should've just taken the hint with my first two attempts to buy one.

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