Little Chef

My husband and I bought our daughter a play kitchen, which she loves.

When we first gave it to her, she mostly just opened its doors, shuffling the play cookware from one of the kitchen's cabinets to its pretend microwave, refrigerator or dishwasher. She stuffed other toys in there, too, whether it fit or not.

These days, she gets it. She understands it's a kitchen and that it's for cooking. She whips up some awesome air, which she'll bring to me on a plate and give me the toy spatula to eat it with.

Earlier today, I took her up to my mom's house for Mom to babysit her for a few hours. One of my nieces lives with my mom, and she, too, has a toy kitchen. 

"Nicole was over there just cooking up a storm," my mom reported when I went to pick her up. "She made me all kinds of stuff."

I'm looking forward to when my little girl is big enough to help in the big kitchen. Hopefully, she'll still think cooking is fun then.

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