Just Like Daddy

One of my daughter's favorite snacks is fruit. Sometimes, she eats the fresh stuff, but she prefers the kind that comes in a one-serving cup, precut and swimming in syrup.

To reduce the amount of sugar she's getting, I toss the contents of the fruit cup into a strainer, rinse it then dump it into another bowl. While this cuts down on the syrup, it doesn't get it all, and apparently, my daughter has figured this out.

After she eats the last piece of fruit, there is always a little syrup/water mix down in the bottom of the bowl. The last time she had this snack, she tipped the bowl up and drank every last drop.

The first thing that came to mind when I saw her do this was that I've seen my husband do the same thing a million times when he's eating cereal.

"I think it's just something all kids do," he said when I told him what our little girl had done.

That explanation works for her, but my husband, age 46, hasn't been a kid for a long, long time.

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