We're Back, Finally, But In A Scaled-Back Kind Of Way

Well, my break turned out to be a little longer than I expected. My dad was finally cleared to come home, but then I had to hustle through a freelance project I do twice a year. The project still isn't finished, but I'm waiting on my client to hand me the next phase, so I have some spare time.

For the short term at least, I won't be blogging every week day as I was before my break. My schedule will be up in the air for a while, and I don't know how much free time I'll have. Once I see for certain, I may resume posting more frequently, but for now, I'm planning a new post on Saturdays only.

Adjusting To The New Room

My little girl has been having a tough time lately. She's aged out of the nursery at her day care and hasn't warmed up to the toddler room at all.

Before the change, when I'd drop her off at the nursery, she'd greet the staff with a big smile and wave bye to me as if to say, "I'm good, Mom. Don't let the door hit ya on your way out."

The first time I dropped her off in her new room, she cried and screamed and had such a grip on my neck that I nearly cried myself. That's been a couple of weeks ago, and things haven't gotten much better. As soon as we pull up and she sees the building, she says, "No," and shakes her head.

It breaks my heart that the change has been that hard on her. I know other moms have been through this, too, so if any out there have any advice on how I might be able to help her through, feel free to add them to the comment field.

I had read online that if possible, I might try dropping her off early and staying with her a little while. Anyone out there try that? How did it go?

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